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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chicken wire... it's not just for chickens!

My family

I originally wanted to make a Christmas card holder, but ended up making something I can use year round!

Idea Courtesy:
Pinterest pinned from "Brown Paper Packages" blog
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Okay, are ya sitting down? This project only cost me $3.97! I already had the frame sitting around my house. If you dont' have one sitting around, check out discount consignment stores. This is the before picture...

I didn't like the color of the frame, but it had great details around the edge. I primed and painted it with paint I had around the house. I bought the chicken wire (again, for less than four bucks) at LOWE's (in the garden department). I stapled the chicken wire to the back and put white duck tape over the sharp edges so it wouldn't scratch the wall.

The tiny clothes pins came from a craft store and I spray painted them white, but you could use any color to match your home.

Again, I had most of the supplies in my craft bins or in the garage, so this was definitely a cost cutting creation! The only time consuming part was finding where to buy the chicken wire. I also have plenty wire left to make something else (because I'm not planning on rais'in any chickens any time soon)!

During Christmas, I plan on switching out the pictures with Christmas cards and I might spray paint some clothes pins red instead.

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