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Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's a Mystery Worth Every Penny!

How would you like to get the below products for a PENNY each?

Let's see ... that's glass cleaner, apple juice, toilet paper (four-pack) and vanilla wafers for a total of four pennies!

How much can you buy now-a-days for less than five cents??? I don't even think gum balls in bubble gum machines are that cheap!!

Disclaimer: I have not (and will not) be paid by Publix to tell you about this mystery of savings (although, it would be nice to get a kick-back ... hint ... hint ... Publix!)

I must have your attention if you actually scrolled down to solve this mystery! Well, if you live near a Publix and if you have a participating newspaper that carries the Publix "Mystery" coupons ... then you're in luck! 

(Sorry to all of my Florida readers ... I have heard y'all don't get the mystery coupon which is crazy since Publix is headquartered in Lakeland, FL!!)

Anyway, here in the Atlanta area, you can find the "Mystery" coupon (see a picture below) every Thursday in the Atlanta Journal Constitution (Living Section) and the Gwinnett Daily Post. You have to use it on the day it's in the paper and have to spend at least ten dollars to get the deal (which is NOT hard for me to do). 

Once you have the coupon in hand, you go to the store and find the product (it's sometimes in the front of the store which takes away from the mystery of searching isles and asking employees). And, by the way, I usually put the penny product at the end of my groceries on the belt because the cashier has to deduct the price leaving only a penny for that product. 

All the penny items are Publix brand which doesn't bother me at all. I have gotten anything from what you saw in the first pictures to bleach, cookies, paper towels ... etc. And, every Publix may have a different penny item! So, if you have several coupons ... you can go Publix hopping (I usually don't have the time for that and you've got to decide if today's gas prices are worth the penny saved).

The only penny item I'm NOT usually excited about is the Publix toilet paper. Not a big fan of the four-pack of sandpaper (I guess I'm spoiled by Charmin Ultra Soft -- I know ... too much information), but I get it anyway for a penny and put it in the guest bathroom (just kidding). 

One more thing about Publix ... they also send "Five dollars off if you spend $40" coupons in the mail (see above) and sometimes I find them in my newspaper. 

I'm not sure why I get these in the mail (I never signed up for anything), but I LOVE them! You can use as many as you want during one check-out as long as you ring up $40 per coupon!! So, if you spend $80 and have two coupons, then you just got $10 off!! That's my kind of shopping!

And since today is a Thursday ... I better stop blogging and head to the store for my mystery shopping trip!

Happy hunting!


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  1. What about sorry to all your VA readers...we don't even have Publix! I did appreciate the scoop about your guest bathroom TP though. ;)