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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

To blog or not to blog....

This is my first blog EVER!

So, you might be wondering ... what took me so long? Well, I have spent the last dozen or so years focusing on my TV reporting career and then something special happened in my life. I had a baby girl and quit the biz. Now, I'm a stay-at-home Mom who does video editing and videography on the side, but I still need a way to keep my writing skills polished and the creativity flowing (there's only so much you can do with play dough!)

My "Cost Cutting Creations" blog is also about my love for saving money (including my crazy couponing habits). Yes, I'm the one in the store with a BIG binder with a toddler in tote. I wouldn't call myself a cheapster or anything, but I LOVE a good deal. And, since I stay at home now, I need to find ways to cut costs and still have a good meal and something nice to hang up in our new home.

Where do my ideas come from? Some are inspired by walking around craft stores, but most of the ideas come from Pinterest. (Okay, if you haven't heard of this yet, you need to sign up ASAP)!

At first, my husband rolled his eyes at my Pinterest addicting ways, but he quickly changed his mind when his not-so-great in the kitchen wife became adventurous and daring (although, I still measure everything and I don't veer away from the recipe much -- that still frightens me!). Because many Pinterest recipes originate from blogs (mostly mommy bloggers) ... it gave me the confidence to dust off the crock pot, turn on the oven and turn up the heat in the kitchen.

Anyway, I started noticing that I was using coupon discounted (and sometimes free) grocery items for many of the Pinterest plates. That is how this blog was born. I wanted to show people how you can make recipes from websites (mostly bloggers) and make it on a budget.

So, I hope this blog will help you realize you can make a meal or artwork while pinching pennies at the same time. Enjoy! Pictures, recipes, crafts and savings are coming soon!
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