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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lov'in me some southern jars!

Jars make great Thanksgiving centerpieces!
 Add some rope and a tag to give the decor personality

 Since these jars are reusable ... I made a quick switch from Thanksgiving to Christmas!
 Took the rope from the Thanksgiving jars/tags and put it at the top for a different look.

 Added fake pine and battery operated lights to the jars for the fireplace mantle.

After moving into a new house, we lacked holiday decor. So, I made a trip to Michaels and found some very cheap Mason-like jars (and used coupons too). You can find coupons in newspaper inserts and/or Michaels app for the I-phone ...etc. 

For Thanksgiving, I bought some fall looking fake flowers/pine straw at a craft store-- on sale, of course! I added the rope and made the tags out of FREE brown paper grocery bags! 

It was an easy switch from turkey day to Christmas ... for the big jars on the mantle, all I did was replace the fall flowers with fake pine needles and added battery operated lights to give it a nice twinkle. 

The smaller jars were filled with unscented epsom salt (from Walgreens $6.49 a bag -- and I have PLENTY left over for other projects) a candle and I wrapped the rope I used for the Thanksgiving display around the top of the jar. I call it Simply Southern.

I hope to use these jars for other holiday decorations in the future!

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