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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chicken wire... it's not just for chickens!

My family

I originally wanted to make a Christmas card holder, but ended up making something I can use year round!

Idea Courtesy:
Pinterest pinned from "Brown Paper Packages" blog
For the original idea, click here.

Okay, are ya sitting down? This project only cost me $3.97! I already had the frame sitting around my house. If you dont' have one sitting around, check out discount consignment stores. This is the before picture...

I didn't like the color of the frame, but it had great details around the edge. I primed and painted it with paint I had around the house. I bought the chicken wire (again, for less than four bucks) at LOWE's (in the garden department). I stapled the chicken wire to the back and put white duck tape over the sharp edges so it wouldn't scratch the wall.

The tiny clothes pins came from a craft store and I spray painted them white, but you could use any color to match your home.

Again, I had most of the supplies in my craft bins or in the garage, so this was definitely a cost cutting creation! The only time consuming part was finding where to buy the chicken wire. I also have plenty wire left to make something else (because I'm not planning on rais'in any chickens any time soon)!

During Christmas, I plan on switching out the pictures with Christmas cards and I might spray paint some clothes pins red instead.

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To die for Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars!

Recipe Courtesy: "The Girl Who Ate Everything"
Click here for the full recipe

On the first few blogs, you will have to bare with me. I am going through old receipts to see how much I saved on the ingredients. In the future, I will be better at organizing those long paper printouts!

So, the peanut butter chocolate bars called for the following ingredients ...

1 pkg of plain yellow cake mix - this was a BOGO and I had two .70 off coupons which made each cake mix 22 cents!
1/2 cup butter, melted - this was a BOGO and I had $1 off coupons for each package of butter, making a package cost 69 cents (and I have plenty left)
1 cup creamy peanut butter - already had in the pantry
2 eggs - I got for FREE from Kroger Plus coupons in the mail
1 (12 oz) package semi-sweet chocolate chips - already in pantry from holiday sales

1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk - I went with the Publix store brand for $2.29

2 Tablespoons butter - (same as butter above)

2 teaspoons vanilla - I got the Publix brand for less than $2 (and barely made a dent in the bottle)


Savings Summary:
  • Because of BOGOs and multiple coupons, I got the cake mix AND butter for only 91 cents and I still have lots of butter and one cake mix package left. Many people don't know that you can use coupons on each BOGO item. Since one is free, the second coupon cuts into the cost of the item you have to pay for.
  • I had a coupon for condensed milk, but it was still cheaper to go with the store brand.
  • I got the eggs for free for signing up for Kroger Plus -- they send you FREE coupons every once in a while!

My Overall Rating:

Recipe - EASY! EASY! EASY!
Taste - Let's put it this way, my husband didn't want to share the yummy squares with co-workers. He said this was my best dessert creation ever. I will be making this again!
Couponing Cost -  I paid less than $6, but I can use the vanilla extract and butter on several more batches.

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