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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Save Your Shower!

There's nothing like showing off your dirty laundry (or in this case, dirty shower) to the world! 

Here's a warning for those with mildew/mold phobia ... it's grimy, it's slimy and it's just plan gross!

Yucky, huh??!! 
(Our shower doesn't have the greatest air flow and 
I've tried scrubbing, but it messes up the caulk to much!)

I'm sure this sort of stuff happens behind shower curtains and doors across the globe (only a few of us will actually blog about the issue). 

And if it weren't for "This Blessed Life" blogger and Pinterest ... it's sad to say, but my shower would still be disgusting. The beautiful thing about Pinterest and bloggers ... we all share great ideas and this is one of them!

Here's a sneak peak of the before and after ....

What you need:

Salon cotton (for perms)
Aluminum tray
Q-tips (optional)

I found the salon cotton box at Sally Beauty Supply for $3.19 and still have some leftover for the next time my shower gets the cooties. I already had bleach on hand (got a big jug of the bleach at Publix for a penny -- see earlier blog about the mystery coupon). And, I found the aluminum tray and Q-tips around the house.

*** Make sure you have good ventilation in your bathroom. I plugged in a fan, opened the bathroom window and shut the door when I was done!

1. Soak the cotton strips in the aluminum tray with bleach. I cut them in smaller pieces so it wouldn't be so messy when putting them in place. I left the ends of the cotton out of the bleach because I hate getting bleach on my hands! 

2. Put the bleach soaked cotton in the areas that need cleaning. I used Q-tips to push the cotton closer to the wall.

3. Let sit for at least eight hours. 

4. Take off the cotton strips and smile!

 More AFTER pictures ...

Total cost of this project = $3.20

That's a deal considering I wanted to rip the shower and tub up and start over!



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  1. I am so doing this! I hate scrubbing our shower stall every week and it is still grey! Yuk!

    1. Thanks for reading my blog ... it REALLY works!

  2. Glad it worked for you! I appreciate the link back. :)