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Monday, May 21, 2012

Cheap(er) Chuggington Party

Okay, so if you don't have a young child, you may not even know about the latest train craze. It only took a few rides on the rail for Chuggington (Disney Jr.) to win my daughter's heart, so we decided to have a train party for her 2nd birthday. 

I really didn't want to spend too much money since her birthday is a few weeks after Christmas, but I soon realized (after many stops in multiple stores with my toddler in tow) that you had to buy the party supplies online because Chuggington was fairly new (at the time) in America. I ended up spending $35 online (see below) and did some savvy shopping elsewhere.

Below you will see the ways I cut some corners and hopefully still made her party a "Traintastic" one!

For the main table, I added some tracks from our Christmas train display and put trains she already had on the tracks. I loved the colors! I made the cupcakes myself and even added pudding to the middle of the chocolate ones. I got the cupcake mix for less than $1 with coupons during a BOGO sale!

The Chuggington picture is my daughter's place mat she already had (a Christmas gift). See below for the party favor bag prices. The sticker books (in front of the bags) were 10 cents EACH after the holidays at Michael's!! I thought ahead and loaded up for the little party guests! 

I put our Christmas train behind the presents and added some streamers with a picture of my daughter stuck in the center.

I used green scrapbook paper to make name plates and stuck leftover Chuggington stickers from the party favor bags on them.

I bought Chuggington plates and took one to Party City to match up with solid colored napkins, cups, cutlery .. etc. In the middle, you can see some of my daughter's Chuggington trains to add to the decor. I also bought the red tablecloth right after Christmas and cost me $1 each!

Here I used leftover wrapping paper to go under the cups for "Dunbar's Drinks". I thought it added an extra pop of color or two!

I created cute sayings with scrapbook paper and stickers --- Koko's Cupcakes, Dunbar's Drinks, Frostini's Fruit, Chuggy Chips ... etc.

The Chuggington cupcake decorations were a big hit for the kids because they doubled as rings too!

"Chuggy Chips"

I made a scrapbook page of Aubree with pictures I took of her at a local train depot and put it up for people to see.

Here is a look at my receipt from -- I did a lot of research at the time to figure out which online party supply website had the cheapest options.

1 x Train Whistles VALUE FAVORS (12) (81169) = $2.36
1 x Chuggington Stickers (4 Sheets) (79758) = $1.81
2 x Chuggington Cupcake Rings (8) (20857) = $5.16
3 x Pink Train Engineer Hat (1) (29989) = $8.58
1 x Chuggington Invitations (8) (79756) = $2.12
2 x Chuggington Lunch Plates (8) (79751) = $3.94
2 x Train Engineers Hat (1) (80423) = $4.16
Sub-Total: $28.13
Shipping: $6.95
Total: $35.08

Not too bad! I think I spent less than $100 on party supplies, cupcakes and favors! My daughter talked about her train birthday party for months after!


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