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Sunday, January 13, 2013

One Day Dresser Re-do!

First and foremost, let me get my true feelings out there ...

I "HEART" ANNIE SLOAN (chalk paint)!

Okay, now that it's out there, let me tell you more. My love affair all started with Pinterest. I found before pictures of old yucky furniture and after pictures of pieces you could find in a magazine. I quickly found the common thread -- all painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint. 

I fell in love at first sight and HAD to have the Duck Egg paint! 

Here's what I found about A.S. chalk paint:

1. The paint and wax is a bit pricey. The Duck Egg 32 fl. ounces cost $38.00 and each wax cost $28.00, but I still have paint and wax leftover for other projects. At this point, it was a need ... not a want! I couldn't get it out of my mind!

2. Depending on where you live, it might be difficult to find (I googled it and found a nearby antique store with a fairly good selection of colors.)

3. Last, but not least -- you don't have to prime or sand before painting. Yes, you heard me right! All I did was clean off the cob webs and dirt and paint.

4. You can seriously get a dresser done in ONE day!


I already had a free dresser from my sister.
It was a yucky mustard yellow piece (see below) from my grandparent's condo in Florida.  

This dresser survived Hurricane Ivan and years in my niece's bedroom, so I felt it could also survive my first dresser re-do! 

And it worked ... see below!

Here's what I did:
1. Cleaned off the cob webs and dirt with a wet rag.
2. Took out the drawers and all the knobs/handles. 
3. I taped off the top of the dresser because I wanted to keep it white.
4. Started painting with the chalk paint.

5. After it dried (it didn't take long), I took an old t-shirt and dipped it into the Annie Sloan dark wax. I rubbed the wax on corners and places where it makes it look antique.
6. I used another old t-shirt and rubbed the clear wax all over the dresser.

7. I put the original knobs back on and took off the tape ... DONE!

My original plan was to take out the top drawers and add cute baskets, but the original knobs looked so much better with a different color behind them. I ended up keeping all the drawers in! 

My obsession with Annie Sloan paint doesn't end here though. I started stalking my house for more things to paint because it's so easy!

Here's a clock I got for free from my mom's house. 

Instead of adding wax, I sanded some of the chalk paint away to give it a distressed look.

And, this is a picture frame I got at consignment for $3.00.

Again, sanded some paint away for a distressed look.

If my husband didn't stop me, our whole house would be full of Duck Egg pieces!

TOTAL COST = around $100.00 
(the cost of paint and wax because the dresser was free!)

Now, my sister wants the dresser back --- no way!

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  1. This is great inspiration! I just purchased a new cabinet for our living room that needs to be re-finished. The thought of sanding and staining the piece sounds really overwhelming... I think chalk paint is the way to go!

    1. Kristen -- I'm so glad you are inspired! I seriously love
      Annie Sloane paint! It's super easy and fast ... Let me know how your re-do turns out!