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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gift Ideas

I have seen tons of cute ideas on Pinterest for easy and inexpensive gifts you can make for teachers at the end of the school year. But, since my 'lil girl isn't in school yet, I decided to take a few tips from others and add my own special touches for different occasions.

This first one is something we (activities committee) made for our MOMS Club board members/helpers to let them know we appreciated all the hard work they did for the club.

*If you're a MOMS Club member and you got one of these ... even though it didn't cost much ...  it's made with love :) ... just skim over the part about the freebies!

Since we didn't have money to spend on this project, we searched our houses for things. Okay, you may be thinking we just grabbed whatever we had hang'in around the house to re-gifted it ... sounds like fun, but that's not the case.

In my house, I have stashes of FREE (never-been-chewed and still in the plastic) gum and candy from my mother-in-law who used to work for a big time candy/gum company. And one of our other members had FREE boxes of lip balm from her husband's former employer. So, we created a little saying to incorporate all of our freebies. Ask around ... you never know what people have around their house to give away!

Here's what we had for free:

Extra gum 
Lifesaver Gummies 
Burt's Bee Lip Balm 
Gift bags (leftover from my 2008 wedding!) 
Scrapbook paper, ribbon and hole punch (craft supplies)

Here's what we bought:
(we spent about $10 for a dozen gift bags)

12 snack size Mounds bars 
12-pack of Mountain Dew (cans)
Plastic gift bags to hold everything (from Michael's with coupon)

Final gift bag tag:

"Mounds" of thanks for all you "Dew" as a MOMS Club board member/helper!

We appreciate your commit-"mint" and for going the "extra" mile!

You are a "lifesaver" and a "star" (burst)!

The MOMS Club wouldn't "bee" where it is today if it weren't for you!

Mommies and their lil "Skittles"

We had trouble coming up with a Skittles saying that would work for our situation, but I think it's kinda cute.


My cousin moved from Georgia to D.C. and we were invited to a send-off / congrats on becoming a doctor party. I wanted to do something special by giving her a piece of Georgia to take up north.

Here's what I came up with ...

From Bath and Body Works ... I bought "Fresh Picked" peach hand soap and hand sanitizer (added a peach mini candle later -- not pictured). I also put in a strawberry air freshener (they didn't have one that looked like a peach) with peach refills and a "Country Chic" bath wash.

The green fruit picking tray was free from the air freshener display (shhhhh .... don't tell anyone the manager gave this to me!). You can probably check your local farmer's market or farm for some.

I put everything in the green tray and put plastic around it and a hand printed tag. I failed to take a picture of the final gift, but the tag said something like this ...

"Here's a 'lil Jaw-ja to take up yonder way!"

Of course, you can adjust this gift to fit whatever state you want. Another idea or two for Georgia could be pecans (pee-cans or pah-cons), peach vodka ... etc.

Enjoy ...  ya hear!

Kathryn :)
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